Fee structure for Academic Year 2075/76

Except CTEVT Registration, Examination Fee, and Professional Council Charges

S. No. Trade Subsidy Fee Full Pay
1 G.M. 48625.00 129625.00
2 CMLT 52125.00 133125.00
3 DPh 48625.00 129625.00
4 OA/Radio./Physio/CDS (Dental) 52125.00 327500.00

Exam Fee, Council Regd. Fee, Hospital practical Fee will be added according to notice.

Students from general quota, CMA, CMA Department of Health Service, Lab Asst., Lab Asst. Department of Health Service, Lakshit Barga, BPKMCH, Bharatpur hospital, NNJS BEH Staff and Staff family quota are categorized under subsidy fee quota and charged subsidy fee. Students who are getting Nirwaha Scholarsip of CTEVT  are also charged fee according to the quota they enrolled.