General Science

For the first year students of health science faculty (PCL General Medicine, CMLT, DPh, Radiology, Physiotherapy, Ophthalmic, Radiography, Physiotherapy and Dental science). Department of General Science carries out teaching learning activities for the subjects Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Mathematics & Statistics with Computer application, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Social studies and the literature subjects like Nepali and English. After completion of SLC or SEE (10 years of schooling) the eligible students apply forms for admission. The admission is made on merit of entrance test. The overall purpose of the curriculum of general science is to prepare students to study medical sciences.

Department of General Science has 37 teaching faculty, three classrooms, and separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, and Botany & Zoology. There is two computer laboratory (for 15 students at a period) with full access of internet, library with study section, audiovisual room for practical of anatomy and physiology. 

Programme Regulation


SEE with GPA at least 2.0 and grade C in English, Math and Science. OR

School Leaving Certificate (SLC) or Equivalent Certificate with English, Science and Math  OR

SEE or SLC or equivlent degree and TSLC with 66.67 percent from CTEVT or 68.33 percent from TU are eligible to apply.Admission is based on merit list of entrance examination conducted by CTEVT. 


It is beneficial to a student to be attending 100% in all subjects. However, under unavoidable conditions the students must have not less than 80% attendance in the theory classes and 90% attendance in practical classes to be eligible for the internal and external examinations.

If a student lacks the stipulated attendance, he/she must repeat to make up the attendance in that subject, especially in the particular lesson, before he/she is permitted to take the internal or external examination.


  1. Intoxication, insubordination or rudeness to peers will result in immediate suspension.
  2. Dishonesty in academic or practice activities will result in immediate suspension.
  3. Illicit drug use, bearing arms on campus, threats or assaults to peers, faculty or staff will result in immediate suspension.

Evaluation Scheme

  1. In all courses, the students must achieve at 40% minimum in theory, and 60% minimum in practical before proceeding to the next level of instruction.
  2. A minimum of three internal examinations will be given for each course. In order to sit for the external exam in any course, a student must achieve (in aggregate) a passing mark for the internal examinations.
  3. A student must pass the external examination independently of the internal examination mark (the internal mark and external mark will not be averaged together to give a passing mark).
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